COVID-19 #pharma@digitalization

Welcome,reader to the first post of my first blog.within this space you will find future posts surrounding the use of digital platform and their adaption.

I would like to use this space to express my thoughts and ideas about the current topics at hand.if i am able to strike up a conversation in the comments,then i will definitely consider it as a small success in my blogging strategies.Take a moment to introduce myself,me Kaushik ,I am a pharma sales professional & digital Mkt enthusiasts.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues,industries of all types have small choice but to change on the spot,pharma require to figure out from the traditional mkt model, as traditional marketing takes a hit due to the COVID-19 crisis.In last few years things are changing & in particular last 4&half months due to COVID those things are accelerated possibly our customers (drs)are transforming&reinventing themselves.Technology adoption is much more faster now.

As lockdown lifted , hospitals& private chambers started operating but majority of drs either refusing to take reps visit or they are not willing to talk to reps much , in clinic conversations with drs became less & things are getting difficult.This behavior change is never expected so early.Unfortunately many people & many organizations still believes that after a few months,once this crisis is over ,they’re going to go back to the same system of work and continue doing what they were doing & possibly that continue to succeed.unfortunately that might not be the case.Business landscape is changing.Organizations need to devise & adopt digital Mkt strategies to reach out & communicates with KoLs & prescribers.with no other better choice in the face of lockdowns and the norms of social distancing,digital is the only & viable media to reach out to doctors.COVID -19 has spawned new avenues of doing business for pharma by using the digital channels,until now pharma had a dismal show in digital owing to a mental block of regulation.The pandemic provided the kickstart for the adoption of digital and partnership with digital platforms,the wheel is likely to keep rolling once better business outcomes & ROI witnessed.

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